The Sound Sculptures, each representative for a location we have investigated, a symbol of the identity of the territory and communities, will be presented in a replicable exhibition that aims to stop and manifest our sound and material time, to make it public, experimental and conscious.
The exhibition will be a material and sound map of the Romanian territory, a mosaic of visual, sound and tactile suggestions related to the concreteness of the places, but also to the human groups that live and act in these places. The visitor is invited to analyse her/his own deconstructed / reconstructed territory and to “live” the soundscape.

next Saschiz - Viscri

soon... Bucharest - Târgu Mureș - Gornești - Turda saline - Gherla - Cluj-Napoca - Izvoru Crișului - Cornești - Desești - Breb - Budești - Nicolae’s Mill - Bârsana - Poienile Izei - Ieud - Sucevița - Voroneț Monastery