Nowhere at Awake Festival

The Romania Sonora team was invited to present the first demo work “NOWHERE” (Danube Delta Sound Armchair) within the Awake Festival.

NOWHERE” is a sound chair – an armchair in which we embedded sound speakers and an amplifier. People can experience the armchair by simply sitting on it, feeling the vibrations and the interacting with the sounds in a more direct manner.

Within the Awake festival we used the armchair to broadcast the audio we recorded in the Danube Delta.

Excerpts from the Nowhere sound armchair: Danube Delta remix:

NOWHERE” is a symbolic work, precursor of the traveling project România Sonoră and the result of researches on the Danube Delta, namely on land, water and “silence”. Sound, a material closely related to silence, contains all possible music and the experience of the Danube Delta, the first stage of this project, is an overture and at the same time an orchestra of improvisation, a continuous and impromptu activity where the performers incessantly produce material.


NOWHERE” represents the importance of that personal silence, of sitting still and listening to the narrow channels and stories along the sandy ground, experiencing every contrast and giving up any intention, fully open to all the surrounding sounds. This work simply asks: “sit down and let me play”. It is a visual tale and a sensory experience at the same time.

Setting up Nowhere audio:

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