Săpânța sound sculpture

A local material: a piece of wood from an old church + the blue signature of the artist of the Merry Cemetery, Dumitru Pop Tincu. Two speakers + amplifiers that play the stories of the people from Săpânța brought to life by the voice of Irina, a 70-year-old lady, born in Săpânța, who read us the poems painted on the crosses in the Merry Cemetery.

Săpânța sound sculpture 126x16x9 cm – 2020
Săpânța sound sculpture 126x16x9 cm – 2020

The Sound Sculptures process - example of Săpânța


We arrived in Săpânța, where we met Irina, a 70-year-old lady, born in Săpânța; not far from there we found this native wood from an old church.

We visited the Merry Cemetery with Irina, who read for us the verses painted on the crosses, always giving us details about the story behind the poetry, about the people from Săpânța and about their personal life; we recorded all this.

Irina has always lived in Săpânța and knew very well many of those who were resting there, including Stan Ioan Pătraș, the painter and poet of the cemetery who died in 1977.

The memorial house of the creator of the Merry Cemetery, Stan Ioan Pătraș, is still very full of life. And not only because of the colourful collage of paintings, diplomas, photos, newspaper articles and flowers, but also because of the heart and soul put into it by its administrators – the successor of the creator, Dumitru Pop-Tincu and his family.

Master Dumitru Pop Tincu, the artist who carries on the work of Stan Ioan Pătraș. He created a drawing with Săpânța blue on our local native wood.

We are honoured that Dumitru Pop Tincu, the current artist of the Merry Cemetery, contributed to one of our sound sculptures.

We then began the creative process that nvolves studying and designing the location of the speakers and amplifier that will be applied to the wood. The wood from Săpânța is ready to host a mini stereo amplifier with two speakers for reproducing the audio material recorded with Irina’s stories.


This is the sound sculpture from Săpânța. The excerpt is the recording of the voice of Irina reading the poem written on her grandfather’s grave, the oldest man in the village at that time and a great dancer.

Foaie verde sângerel, eu sunt Ilie Pătrunjel. Io-s cel mai bătrân în sat, joc artistic am jucat Doi Petreuși mi-au cântat. M-au dus și la Baia Mare, Și-am jucat ca orișicare. Și-am fost și la București, Tot cu jocuri bătrânești. Să jucați și voi ca mine Care vă uitați la mine. Și vă doresc al meu trai, 96 de ani!